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COFADOR Galaxy – A Simulation for Youth and Adult Education on Conflict Management

This is a simulation game, set in the context of the fictional galaxy of 5 fictional planets. 4 of these planets are populated, one is empty. Each of populated planet has only one culture: on the planet FAPLA live only farmers, on the planet DOPLA live only doctors, on the ARPLA artists and on the COPLA constructors. All inhabitants of four planets try to reach agreement to live together.
The game is designed to be useful in the education of youth with lack of previous experience in multicultural society (community).
The project ideas contained in this simulation game are based on the proposals from big intercultural/international communities (for example European Union). While the people are fictional, their cultural beliefs, traditions, relationships and attitudes could be based on reality.
Please, find detailed description of the SimGame in the attachment.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
The whole game should last up to 360 minutes (6 hours), however it’s up to the facilitators to decide the time limits. Depends on needs of the group/ group dynamics/ results needed, facilitators are to adjust the time needed.
Group Size & Age
15-25 pax., 14-18 y.o. (can be flexible)
Print out the materials: badges, constitution sheet, roles for each participants etc; space for action.
Created by
Youth in Action project “ToT on SimGame”, Republic of Moldova, 2014

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