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You must be at least 12 people in the game played by blind bats trying to get out of a cave. Players are divided into two groups, one of the groups represents bats and the others represent the bats' cave.
The bats are huddled together and blindfolded. Other players form a circle around the bats; This circle is a cave. The players who make up the cave should not stand too close to each other; Between two people standing side by side, there should be enough space for a bat to pass easily. With the start of the game, the bats try to get out of the cave. Blind-eyed bats make use of sounds for this task. Each of the players who make up the cave rubs their hands against each other to mark their place. If the bats can get out of the cave without touching the cave walls, that is, other players, they can be free, if they do, they will return to the cave. The game is over when all bats are free.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
5-10 min
Group Size & Age
12-24 people and 10+ years old
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Source: Contemporary Drama Association

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