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Provide a brief introduction of the card game and the basic instructions common to all tables (remember that no one knows that the rules are different at other tables).

The common rules for each table are the following:
- Players are dealt 4 cards each
- Whoever won that hand starts the next hand.

The game starts by dividing the group into small groups and seating them at the tables (there are 5 tables in this guideline, but we can create more depending on the size of the group).
All tables start playing at the same time and a trial game is played until the participants are familiar with the rules of their table. After this practice game, players will not be allowed to see the rules and will not be allowed to talk to each other. They are allowed to use body language and draw pictures but not words.
Each round lasts about 5 minutes and any number of games are played in each round as time allows.

After the first round:
- Those with the most points go clockwise to the next table.
- Those with the fewest points will move counterclockwise to the next table.
- The rest continue at the same table.
- Players with the same number of points determine the winner or loser by rock, paper, scissors.

Ideally, once all participants realize that they are actually playing with different rules, the game is over and the debriefing phase begins.

Debriefing Questions
- If you could describe the play in one word, what would you say?
- What did you expect at the beginning of the game?
- How did you feel when you went to the new table?
- When did you realize that something was wrong? What did you do/feel?
- When did you realize that the rules were different? How did you deal with this?
- How did the ban on talking contribute to whatever you felt?

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
75 min
Group Size & Age
Min. 12, Max. 40 & Teens- Adults
Tables and chairs for the number of sub-groups to play the card game, decks of playing cards for the number of sub-groups, pens and paper for each table.
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