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Amazonian Rains

Participants sit in a circle. The instructor makes a movement, then the person next to the instructor makes the movement and so on, like a Mexican wave. When the movement reaches the last person in the circle, the trainer changes the movement. The movement continues again until the person at the end of the circle. The important thing here is that the participants continue the old movement until the new one comes. When playing this game, everyone should be quiet and listen carefully to the sound of the game.

Movement 1: Rubbing 2 hands to make a sound
Movement 2: Finger snapping
Movement 3: Hand clapping
Movement 4: Both clapping hands and stamping feet
Movement 5: Hand clapping
Movement 6: Finger snapping

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
5 minutes
Group Size & Age
10-40 people, 10+ years old
No material is needed.
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