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Step 1
Participants sit on cushions in a circle. The facilitator starts the activity with the concept of "Democracy".
Step 2
The first person to the facilitator's left says a word that this concept evokes in them. Then the first person in line asks a question about this concept by saying "what is the relevance?". The person who says the concept explains the possible connection between "democracy" and the word. Then the next person in turn says a new word that the concept of "democracy" evokes. In this way, two or three rounds are made in the circle. The facilitator notes down all the words said in this process on a piece of paper.
Step 3
Participants are divided into two groups. Papers with these words are given to the groups.
Step 4
The facilitator tells them that they have 10 minutes. Participants are told to identify and justify 5 concepts that they think constitute the absolute basis of democracy from these words related to "Democracy" within this time.
Step 5
When the time is up, the groups gather in a circle without separating from each other.
Step 6
The facilitator states that each group has 5 minutes for their presentation. Group A makes their presentation first. They explain "The Idea of Democracy" and other concepts that they think should be emphasized with their justifications.
Meanwhile, Bs take notes on their papers about the presentation.
Step 7
Then group B makes their presentation. A's take notes on the presentation. Bs are given 5 minutes to make the presentation.
Step 8
Participants take the floor according to the notes taken on the presentations in turn. They express their ideas.
Step 9
The facilitator divides the group into sub-groups of three. Each group discusses the topic of "Democracy"
They prepare a poster and a slogan pointing out what the concept is and the fundamentals that it must have. Kraft papers and colored pencils are distributed for this activity.
Step 10
All groups gather in a circle and end the discussion by displaying the posters they have prepared.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
60 minutes
Group Size & Age
Ages 7 and Up
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