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Mission (Im)possible

The exercise begins with the fact that the facilitator turn on the soundtrack from the movie "Mission Impossible" and leaves. On a visible place there is a list of tasks, and after some time the participants notice it and begin to act.
The list of tasks is accompanied by instructions: "This can be your first mission as a group. You need to accomplish the following 15 tasks in the next 40 minutes".
It's up to participants, what kind of strategy they will choose. Also this exercise helps to discover informal leaders in a group.
After the time allotted for the tasks, there should be presentation and further reflection.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training, Online Training
1 hour 20 minutes
Group Size & Age
15-30 pax., no age limit
List of tasks written on the flipchart or printed, soundtrack from the movie "Mission impossible".
Created by
Nika Bunziak

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Mission (Im)possible 0 reviews

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