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Find someone who…

Every participant gets a list with a number of statements. They have to find someone who fits one of the statements and write this person's name next to the statement. Only one person can be matched with one statement. The number of statements should be equal to the number of participants. The task is to match as much as statements until the time is over.

The list can be adapted to the theme of the training or can be changed.

Example for the statement list:

Find someone who...

- a vegetarian.
- ...has never watched ‘Game of Thrones’.
- ...goes jogging every morning.
- ...doesn't have any social media accounts.
- ...has an elder brother and sister.
- ...doesn't like coffee.
- ...finds it difficult talking to strangers.
- ...has at least two pets.
- ...loves karaoke.
- ...loves camping.
- ...loves spiders and snakes.
- ...meditates.
- ...loves getting up early.
- ...has been volunteered.
- ...speaks more than two languages.
- ...loves to write stories.
- ...doesn't like delivering presentations.
- ...has planted a tree.
- ...can use designing programs.
- ...has performed any of their talent on the stage.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
15 min.
Group Size & Age
10-20 people, can be adapted to any age group with participants who are literate.
Printed papers with the statements, pens/pencils.
Created by
Inspired by Don Bosco Youth-Net publication "Jabbertalk".

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