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Basics of Social Development


Prepare the field in advance, and spread the objectives around. Print and cut roles:
- Take all objects outside of the border of the playground. (Half of the pax)
- Take all objects in the middle of the playground (The other half of the playground)
- Walk around and do nothing. You can help only if someone asks you (One participant)

Take participants to the already organised playfield. They will find their spread objects on the ground everywhere. Ask them not to touch them. Gather them in a circle and give them to pick up one “top secret mission” per person, then explain the rules:

- one object at a time
- no kicking of objects
- no throwing
- no talking
- not avowed to steal objects from other participants' hands

Then start the game. In the beginning, all of the participants will run to fulfil their tasks. After 5 mins, give them a 1 min break and let them talk. Start the game again, and after 3- 4 mins, retake a break and let them find a strategy to finish. Start again. If needed, give one or two more breaks. Some of the participants will come up with the idea of just fulfilling the tasks one after another.

3- Debrief
Questions you prepared for your debriefing session related to the topic:

What happened during the game?
How did you feel?
Was any difference between the beginning and after the breaks?
Did you learn something new?
How did the teamwork start?
Did you listen to each other?
There was one special role in the game? Did you notice it?

To print and cut before the session:

-Take all objects in the corners of the playground. (Half the number of participants)
-Take all objects in the middle of the playground. (Half the number of the participants)
-Walk around and do nothing. You can help only if someone asks you. (For one participant)

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
60 minutes
Group Size & Age
10-20 participants, 15-30 years old
Any object - balls, cones - at least same number as participants or 1 and 1/2 times more
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