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Wouldn’t Have Died If Saw The Dust

The trainer reads a key sentence to participants and wants them to figure out the story, only by asking and getting answers to Yes-Or-No questions.
The key sentence: They wouldn’t have died if they saw the dust.”
The Story: The 2 shortest dwarfs in the World, who work at the circus, are close friends. The shorter dwarf is earning more than the other one, so the taller one has gotten jealous of this. For this reason, the taller dwarf sneaks into the house of the other one and cuts the feet of all the furniture in the house, aiming for the shorter dwarf to break down mentally. Therefore, they are going to be the shortest dwarf on earth and earn more. When the shorter dwarf comes home, sees the scenery and not the dust under the furniture, they feel like they have gotten taller and commit suicide, thinking that they won’t earn any money or be watched by people anymore.”
When the game is stuck, the trainer may give small hints to help the participants solve the mystery.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
15 minutes
Group Size & Age
Any number of people of any age
No material is needed.
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Wouldn’t Have Died If Saw The Dust 0 reviews

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