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Make Space for Different Ideas – (TRIZ)

Here you will start a process that will require you to think about the topic you will discuss in reverse.

For example, let's say you want to deepen on the topic of "How can an educational environment be designed in which everyone can be a participant and you can experience every step of experiential learning?" in the workshop you designed. And you decided to use this method. To start the group work, you will ask the group the following question, which is the opposite of this goal:

"What should we do to design a training environment where only the instructor is focused and the participant remains in a completely passive space?"

- Participants are given 3-4 minutes and they create their own list based on this question.
- In the second stage, the participants are asked the following question; "As a trainer, which of these things are you doing right now? Put a check mark next to what you are doing." Participants are given 1-2 minutes for this.
- In the next stage, the participants are divided into groups of 2.
- In these groups, they create a "reflection" space within the framework of the following questions.
- In these groups, participants talk about the similarities and differences between what they have written and the effects of their activities. Groups are given 10 minutes for this.
- Afterwards, the pairs are combined and groups of 4 are formed.
- In these groups, participants start to take action. They talk about what can be done to change this situation and prepare a list of actions. They discuss within the framework of the questions "How do we stop this, what should be our first move to move away from what we are doing". And they identify concrete steps as much as possible. Participants are given about 15 minutes for this.
- In the last step, the groups come together and return to the main space.
- Each group shares its list and the debriefing phase of the exercise begins.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training, Online Training
35-45 min (You can plan the duration according to your group size and the subject you will work on)
Group Size & Age
20-25 people / Adults
- Paper and pen for each participant
- Board marker
- Flipchart paper

If you will do it online;
- You can use a video conferencing platform that you can divide into rooms and conduct group work
- Computer
- Google Drive or Google Slides can be used for a common sharing space
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Make Space for Different Ideas – (TRIZ) 0 reviews

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