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Image Theater

Participants are divided into 4 groups. These groups are given problems that were previously identified and written on closed sheets of paper. They are asked to think about these problems for 5 minutes and as a result of this thought, they are asked to produce a solution image for this problem. At the end of 5 minutes, one of the groups is asked to stage first the problem image and then the solution image. At the end of this staging, the participants and the actors are asked for their opinions about the situation. The situation is repeated for the second group. (War-Peace / Violence in Sports-Fair Play / Peer Bullying-Friendship / Marriage-Divorce / Success-Failure (Defeat-Victory) / Life in the Village-Life in the City / Primitiveness-Technology) As a result of these stagings, information about the theater of images is given.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
25 min.
Group Size & Age
Min. 8 & 13+ Ages
Created by
Augusto Boal

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