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Green Ball

In the workshop, which aims to observe the subconscious and life experiences of the group and to strengthen the bonds within the group, an object is placed in the middle and the person who wants to talk is asked to take the object. The participants are informed that it is forbidden to speak except to the person holding the object. Then, the participants are asked the following types of questions respectively:
1- An event that made you very happy before?
2- An event that you think you have made someone else very happy before?
3- Something you have always wanted to do but have never been able to do? Why?
4- An event that made you unhappy/badly affected you before?
5- An event that you think has made someone else unhappy/badly affected you before?
It is very important that the questions go from the easy to answer to the difficult ones in order for the participants to get rid of their shyness and relax while sharing.
*Analyzing the reasons with the participants at the end of the study
can be done.
*These analyzes and shared stories can be used in a drama method based on empathy.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
10-15 minutes
Group Size & Age
Usually a green ball or similar material can be used.
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