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Focus Partnering

First, we do energizer - the method called: Skill of sensing movement
The duration of it is 30 minutes.

Step-by-Step Implementation:
- The exercise takes place in silence
- We identify skills of sensing the movement around you
- Focus on the power of the group as a whole
- Focus on how an individual relates to that group
- When someone moves everybody moves, it’s the cue to start. When somebody stops everybody stop
- We introduce different instructions: when somebody jumps everybody jumps, levels, rhythm, timing.

Then we continue with the concrete experience exercise - Focus partnering.
The duration of it is 60 minutes.

Step-by-Step Implementation:
- Find a partner (one will lead one will follow)
- Decide the roles: leader or follower
- The person leading offers the back of their wrist to their partner (it can be the shoulder as well or another part of the body)
- The follower places their palm on the wrist and closes their eyes
- The leader begins to move their partner and explore the space around them
- Travel in space, varying speeds and qualities and stop
- The point of contact must remain gentle to enable the maximum transfer of information
- Both leader and follower must listen to their partner’s body and the information they are sharing
- Change the role
- Finish the exercise. Short time for discussion with your partner.

The duration of it is 30 minutes.

Questions you prepared for your debriefing session related to the topic:
- Did you trust your partner?
- Is it necessary to do big movements and displacement?
- Where was your focus when your eyes were closed? The body part, the movement, receiving information,…
- Where was your focus when you were a leader?

Inputs that you want to mention in the Abstract Conceptualism phase of the workshop:
- It is important that participants are encouraged to find the best way to make the exercise for themselves. If the movement principle is clear, this exercise is about listening and responding, it is always possible to find the best way.
- Any part of the body can be used to initiate or respond to movement using their head, shoulder or foot.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
120 minutes
Group Size & Age
20 adults with and without disabilities
No materials are needed.
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