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For part 1: Development - how and why
- Bring together maps and pictures of your city or settlement, past and present.
- Identify suitable areas to work on for group work.
- Investigate whether there are areas that are planned to be developed.

For part 2: Preparation of development plans
- Collect information about the area the group wants to work on. For example, newspaper reports, notes from council meetings, etc.
-If you plan to prepare the models using "trinkets", make sure that you have enough materials on hand. Start collecting small boxes, bottles, containers, cardboard tubes in toilet paper, etc. long before you start the activity.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
180 minutes
Group Size & Age
+6 People / Adults
1- Maps and pictures of where you live (past and present)
2- Large-scale neighborhood map showing your selected area
3- Ballpoint pens and papers to draw the designs
4- Various materials for making models. For example, small boxes, flat containers, tissue paper, paint, twine, wool, bottle corks, cardboard tubes, aluminum foil, egg containers, various trinkets found at home, tree branches, stones, bark, clam shells, etc.
5- Adhesive and tape
6- Paint and paint brush
7- Cardboard or plywood to be used as model ground
Created by
Patricia Brander, Bárbara Oliveira, Rui Gomes, Jana Ondrácková, Ellie Keen, Alessio Surian, . . . Suslova, O. (2002). Pusula: Gençlerle İnsan Hakları Eğitimi Kılavuzu. Retrieved from

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