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Field day

For a successful field day event, you’ll need a minimum of about 20 players and at least 2-3 teams to instil some competitive spirit. Players will excel in some games more than others, so make sure to keep things varied if you want to ensure a balanced competition.

How you choose to organise this event depends on your overall objective and the skills you’d like to develop within your team. Some examples of great field day games include tug of war, split team mug, soccer billiards, sac race, watery slip ‘n’ slide, etc.

Pro tip: Before the field day begins, make sure to announce that there will be a valuable prize for the winning team. This is a simple yet effective way to energise the players right from the start.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
2-3 hours
Group Size & Age
Various, depending on the games you choose

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