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Ball in the basket

In this exercise 3 participants play a ball game where the main task is to score as many points as they can by throwing the ball in the basket. The game is played in two sessions and each session lasts for 3 minutes. At the beggining of the session each of the players sets a target to accomplish. There are different rules in each session. The jury (trainers) explain the rules at the beggining of each session
In the first session the players throw the ball in the basket without being omitted by anyone. Before the first session starts , the instructions are given to each of the participants. The participants play the game one by another. The one who scores more points is the winner. The points are clearly written on a board.
In the second session the pqarticipants will play the game under pressure. Before the session starts, the instrutor removes the participants from the playground and gives instructions to other participants who are going to play specific roles in this session. The roles can be different, such as the sportsman trainer, wife or husband, the sponsor, a fan etc. , roles that describe human behaviur which supports or distracts the sportsman competition. The roles can be explained orally or can be given on a list of paper.
After the roles have been given, the instructor can present the rules to the participants in the second session. Each of the participants in the game has the task to score a point by throwing the ball in the basket. The participants with more point win the game. But in this session each of the participants plays blindfolded and throws the ball with the wicker hand. Each of the participants have 3 minutes to throw the ball. During the second session, the other participants enter the stage and play their role. Depending on the role they have been given, they are either encouraged or instructed to score more points, or they are distracted and discouraged.
At the end of the session points are displayed on the board.
During the processing phase the group analyzes the participants behaviour, their accomplishment of the target as well as the calculated risk. Another thing that they must consider in this phase is also the influence of the external factors on the participants performance.
Ball in the basket exercise can be very useful during a training of as an instrument for exploring the different behaviour of the sportsman, as well as to raise awareness about the external influence each sportsman faces during their career.

For participants to get awareness of:
 Ability to deal with uncertainty and unpredicted external effects
 Importance of being conservative in setting objectives, especially for amateurs
 Necessity to include sufficient reserve of time, capacity and resources (also money) into training
 Positive and negative influence of relatives and friends on the sportsman life

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
1 hour
Group Size & Age
10-15 / any age
 1-2 ball
- 1-2 baskets
 1 or 2 pieces of dark cloth to blindfold the player(s)
 marker pens and sheets of blank paper
 copies of briefing notes containing suggestions on role performances
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