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Case Study/Subgroup Study

1-Trainer divides the group into sub-groups of 4-5 people.
2-Distributes the papers with the case and questions to each group (each group can be given different cases on the same subject)
3-Trainer tells the participants what to do. He/she asks each group to read and discuss the case among themselves and to give answers to the questions written on the paper by discussing them as a group and to put them in writing. The trainer sends the groups to separate areas where they will do their own work (if the hall is large, each group can use a separate corner of the hall, or groups can be sent to separate rooms if available).
4- The trainer gives certain periods of time to the groups for each stage of the work and visits each group in between to check the situation, answer any questions, and provide support.
5- In the second stage, the trainer asks the groups to write a step-by-step design of the field work in the example from the very beginning, taking into account the answers to their questions and solving the problems.
6- The trainer gathers all the groups together, invites each group to the stage in turn and asks them to present their case, their discussions within the group, their answers to the questions and the field work design they have developed as a solution proposal. After the presentation of each group, the trainer allocates a section for the participants in the other groups to share their opinions and contributions.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
120-150 min
Group Size & Age
20-25 person, 17 age plus
A large enough hall for sub-group work or a training venue where sub-groups can work in separate rooms
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