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1) - First of all, you should divide the participants into 2 groups with the method you want
2) - Ask the 1st group to sit in a circle with their chairs, and the second group to sit in another circle around it, facing the first group.
3) - Distribute A4 envelopes and colored pens to the participants.
4) - Ask the participants to write the name of their friend on the inside of the envelopes on the side where they are sealed. The task of the participants is to draw a portrait of their friend on the envelopes, but it will not be that easy.
5) - First of all, the 1st group in the inner circle will remain stationary and the friends in the 2nd group will start drawing the portrait of the friend in front of them, and with your command, the outer group will move clockwise while the inner group will remain stationary. In this way, all participants will draw each other's portrait. You can adjust this time according to the number of participants, about 10 seconds will be enough. Continue the same process with the outer group remaining stationary and the inner group moving. The important trick here is that the participants do not see their own portraits.
6) - After the drawings are finished and everyone returns to the same place, ask them to show their portraits to their friends at the same time, you will observe that there is laughter and an explosion of energy among the participants.
7) - This was the first stage of our activity, collect the portraits from the participants and when you take a break, stick the portraits on the wall with the help of gum glue and tell them that these beautiful works will be displayed throughout the activity.
8) - Ask the participants to write their names on a small piece of paper and shake them in a bag or in the palm of your hand and tell the participants that "if they draw their names, you will call them and draw a new name".
9) - After all participants have drawn their names, tell them that only they should know these names, that they should not share them with anyone and that this name will be their secret friend throughout the training and that we will try to make our secret friend happy by throwing nice notes and small gifts that will make them happy in the envelopes we have drawn.
10) - You can continue the training by explaining for the last time that no one will reveal anyone's secret friend to each other until the end of the training.
11) - After the training is over, ask friends to take their envelopes and look at what is inside and come up with ideas about who might be inside.
12) - Form a circle of participants and put one participant in the center of the circle, ask him/her to close his/her eyes and ask him/her to guess his/her secret friend, while whoever is his/her secret friend quietly goes behind his/her friend and ask the person who is trying to guess to open his/her eyes and turn around, then it is normal to observe energy and laughter. The incoming friend then moves to the center and he/she tries to guess and in this way everyone learns their secret friend.
13) - At the end of the activity, you can conclude the training by asking them how they felt during this activity and thanking them for participating in the training.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
30-40 minutes
Group Size & Age
30-40 People / all age groups
A4 Envelope,
Colored Pencil
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