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1- Volunteers are divided into 2 groups.
2- The first group is given roles (teacher, student, principal, vice-principal, cleaning staff, etc., the roles are diversified according to the number of students in the group and each student is given a role to play) that they can reflect the employees of a school or a classroom. The second group is given roles that can reflect a home environment (father, grandfather, brother, uncle, mother, grandmother, sister, sister, aunt, aunt, aunt, etc.).
3- Volunteers are asked to talk among themselves for 4-5 minutes about the roles they will play and when they are ready, they are asked to settle in the classroom (or wherever the lesson is being held) according to the role they will play. The other group becomes the audience. Within 15 minutes, they are asked to act out their roles (as much as they can) without a script (improvisation).
4- The same process is then carried out for the second group.
1- What went through your mind when you were first given the role you played?
2- How did you feel while playing your role?
3- How did it feel to pretend to be someone else?
4- If we were to repeat the game, would you want to play the same role and why?

It is very important to observe well during the play. People who do not want to participate in the game or who participate but are hesitant to play their role are usually people who need to develop their social skills. People who put themselves in the foreground and are more active are usually people who have leadership qualities.
The purpose of not having a scenario is to help people transfer their impressions from the social line and develop their ability to think very quickly and make decisions.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
40 minutes
Group Size & Age
20- 25 People / Ages 9 and Up
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