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Identity Molecule

Part 1
Ask the participants to identify themselves using 5 social descriptors (class, ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation,…) and fill the “Identity Molecule handout”, after doing so individually, they share their “molecules” in small groups. Reconvene the group and facilitate a discussion on self identification (why they choose that 5 descriptor? Are these the only identities we have? Are they given or chosen?)

Part 2
The participants are asked to individually complete their Identity molecule using as many social descriptor as they can, and to assess if each of the groups described are sources of privileges or of obstacles in the society they live in.
In small group ask the participants to share their new molecules.
Reconvene the group and facilitate a discussion about the link between identity and privilege, and on the use of privileges.

Part 3: The Diversity Iceberg is used in the large group, either as an input or as a brainstorm, Facilitate a discussion about the visibility and invisibility of identities, and what are the links between what we see and what we think.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
1-1.5 hours
Group Size & Age
10-25 pax., no age limit
Identity Molecule handouts one per participant, Diversity Iceberg model, flipchart,markers, post-it
Created by
Anti-Defamation League A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute
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