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Did you get my fax?

1- Divide the participants into groups. The optimal size is 5-7 participants for each, and then ask them to make parallel lines of chairs, and then each group sits in its line.
2- Give the first participant from each line paper and marker.
3- Now declare that speaking with anyone around you is not allowed.
4- Explain the mission: "The last one in each line has a fax which is drawn. The trainer will show it to the last person in the line separately and must send it to the first one who represents the fax printer. They don't have any tools except the back of the one who is in front of them in the same line, which is a screen to them. They can draw and write anything. When they finish, they touch their shoulder as they send the fax. In case the one in front didn't get the fax correctly; they can shake their shoulder, meaning they resend it again. If everything is clear, they start drawing what did they get in the back of the one who is in front of them and so on, the first one in the line, which has the paper and marker, will reflect this drawing on the paper.
5- In the end, each team has to compare the drawing drawn by the last person with the original drawing.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
20 - 30 Minutes
Group Size & Age
10-25 people
The materials needed are:
- Papers
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