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The Sun Shines On

Participants sit or stand in a narrow circle with one person standing in the center. The person standing in the center says in a loud voice: "The sun shines..... on it!" He/she completes the sentence with the color of the clothes the participants are wearing or with an adjective to describe a characteristic. Example: "The sun shines on all those who wear blue!" or "The sun shines on all those who wear socks!" or "The sun shines on all those with blue eyes!" People who match the description of the person in the middle shouting in a loud voice switch places with each other, and in the meantime the person in the middle takes one of the vacant places, while the person in the middle shouts a different adjective for the next round.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
15-20 minutes
Group Size & Age
12 People / Ages 7-18
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