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Rightful Fish

Methods and ways of application can be adapted to the needs and status of the audience.
In this context, the method of “Rightful Fish” is performed for the audience to express their offers of solution regarding the problems faced by refugee kids in the health field through these steps:
1-Problems specified bu the audience (filling the fish of problems)
-What does health make you think of?
-What are the problems you face in the health field?
-Can you reach your rights of health?
(These questions can be adapted and expanded according to the needs of the group.)
2-Offers of solutions presented by individuals of the audience (filling the fish of solutions)
In this step, participants are asked to present individual solutions (This step is crucial to ensure active participation in the resolution of the problems)
3-Common offers of solutions by the audience (creation of the common fish of solutions)
Comparing the previously specified problems and resolutions, new common suggestions for resolution are discussed by the whole audience.

Assessment: Following this 3-step process of critical questioning and thinking, the audience is questioned regarding;
-How they feel,
-What they experienced during the individual thinking process
-What they experienced during the brainstorming for offerings of common resolutions
-Was there anybody whose voice wasn’t heard during the brainstorming?
-Do you think that everyone listened to each other during all these steps

By directing these questions to the audience, an exchange of knowledge may be established about the topic of interest, which is handled according to the needs of the group. This exchange of knowledge may be important for supporting the previously discussed problems and resolutions.

(This activity is designed according to “Problem Posing Education” proposed by Paulo Freire, who analyzed problems with “Problem Posing Codes” as a method of critical thinking and who exhibited the subject-subject relationship in training studies by establishing active participation of attendants concerning their needs and learning fields of interest.)

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
100 minutes (2 sessions of 50 minutes)
Group Size & Age
15-20 people, 10+ years old
Color papers, scissors, pencil/pen, erase, pencil sharpener, patafix
Created by
Tansu Can

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