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- Participants are asked to stand up.
- They are asked to find a partner and stand side by side.
- An object (balloon, ball, etc.) is placed between the shoulders of the participants standing side by side and they are asked to walk at the same time.
- The facilitator turns on the music and commands the participants to slow down or speed up according to the rhythm.
- The aim is to move according to the rhythm of the music without dropping the ball and to keep the power shield together for the longest time. (the exercise ends here, but if it is to be continued as a group discussion, the following instructions are followed)
- The facilitator explains the topic of support, cooperation and cohesion and its impact on participants' performance.
- Participants write down on a piece of paper what can be done to improve the understanding of support between individuals in their routines outside the educational environment (work, social, family).
- The participants give their written opinions to another participant in the group and they form their own opinions about the written opinions.
- Each table then draws up a common list as a group work. The list is posted in a visible place in the educational environment.
- The session closes with the participants sharing their observations on how to improve support and cooperation in their routines.


Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
5-7 min
Group Size & Age
Gamification between the ages of 5-7 (can be pictured because they cannot read and write); All steps can be applied for ages 7 and later.
Any object (balloon or ball is obvious), A4 paper, pencil.
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