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Picture Games


  1. Divide the children into pairs. Give each pair a picture, worksheet, paper, pen and glue.
  2. Give the children these instructions:
    • Look at the picture and answer these questions about it on the worksheet: Who? What? Where? When? How?
    • Then glue the picture onto the worksheet.
    • Make speech bubbles for the characters in the picture to say something, and write in what they are saying.
  3. Ask the pairs to post their pictures on the wall, placing the same pictures side by side for comparison. Ask the children to look at all the pictures and read their speech bubbles.

Debriefing and Evaluation

  1. Debrief the activity by asking question such as these:
    • How hard was it to answer the questions about the pictures? To write speech bubbles?
    • How did your analysis of the same picture compare with the analysis of the other pair?
    • What stereotypes did people find in the pictures? In the speech bubbles?

Tips for facilitators

In addition to pictures of people, use some with animals. This can be effective in discussing stereotypes. Start out by pointing out how often animals are cast as stereotypes in cartoons and then get the group to look for examples of stereotyping in their pictures and speech bubbles

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
30 minutes
Group Size & Age
8-13 years 2-20 children
• Cardboard and glue
• Envelopes
• Cartoon book downloaded from COE website
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