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Meet the World of Colors Game

  1. First of all, a circle is formed with the group. In this circle, everyone should say their name and a favorite object or creature respectively.
  2. After everyone introduces themselves, A4 papers and crayons are distributed and they are asked to draw their favorite thing in their own world. (By the way, the group does not have to draw the same thing that they say in a circle. If they draw differently, in the evaluation phase, questions can be asked about what situation has changed or how they felt that they drew these two different things).
  3. After the pictures are drawn on A4 paper, a circle is formed again and everyone (those who want to express themselves) tells what the picture they drew means to them and the pictures are thrown out at the same time by saying "We are combining our colors in a common pool!" (This expression reinforces group work and dynamics, especially in areas where there are many differences within the group).
  4. From the pool of colors created, pictures are selected with eyes closed, with the condition that everyone chooses, the order of selection is left to the group, and the person who chooses the picture interprets the features of that picture in order to try to find out who that picture belongs to and tries to find the name of the person.
  5. After finding the person, they go to him/her and say "Hello (says the person's name), my name is..., nice to meet you." dialogues are established and the acquaintance stages are completed

(This stage can be adapted according to the needs of the group.) In these 5 stages;
-What do they feel?
- How did it feel to draw the things we love?
-Were there any differences between what they expressed in the first circle and what they expressed in the next stage? What is the reason for this difference? (Interpretation: With these questions, we can learn whether the person gradually included himself/herself in the comfort zone or in the panic zone).
- What did you feel while creating a common color pool?
- How was the process of finding out who the pictures belonged to?
- After finding the person, how did it make you feel when you went to him/her and established an introductory dialog?

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
30 minutes
Group Size & Age
15 - 20 People & Everyone
A4 paper, Crayons
Created by
Tansu CAN & Kübra DEMİROK

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