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If I Were a Tree

1.Warm-up phase:
The torso represents the tree, the arms the branches, the hands and fingers the leaves. If indoors, the music is light. Only the branches and leaves sway slowly. They turn left and right. When the music/wind gets stronger and faster, the trunk of the tree starts to sway slightly. Meanwhile, the movement of the branches and leaves becomes stronger and faster.
At this stage, the group relaxes their feelings and emotions and prepares their bodies for the next stage, the "Tree Game".

2. Game phase:
The practitioner tells that they will play a tree game. She explains that each tree has a certain shape and introduces each tree by showing its shape.
* Hazelnut Tree
* Pine Tree
* Fig Tree
* Poplar Tree
Then, while everyone is walking freely in the area, when the practitioner says the name of the tree, everyone takes the shape of that tree. The other group members who make the wrong shape of the tree ask their friends what the correct movement is and try to do the movement.

3.Evaluation phase:
After this game, the practitioner asks which tree they wanted to be.
Why did you choose this tree?
How do you think the tree is standing?
What might this tree have felt?
Then the practitioner asks the group members to draw a picture of the tree of their dreams.
Then, those who want to talk about the trees they drew are mentioned and the application is finished.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
25-30 minutes
Group Size & Age
15 - 20 People & Everyone
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