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Identity and Sport

Set up the laptop and the projector and test the video to make sure it works
Prepare the flipchart papers for the onion exercise. Have the questions in 3 envelopes for each group. Have a slide show (PowerPoint) on hopscotch the game and instructions if participants have never played it.

Play the Shrek Onion Video to the participants
Reflection: Just like an onion, each person has multiple things that make up who they are, things which are always influencers in their lives, and what determines how they make decisions. Participants will be given 15 minutes to reflect on themselves using the onion metaphor.

Transition Question: What is your first memory of sport or physical activity, and why has it stuck?
In groups of 4, share either your variation of hopscotch or a similar traditional game played as a child in your country. Come pick up an envelope with the next step. Once you have shared, reflect and respond to the following questions in the envelope
• What is the effect of sport on culture?
• What is the effect of culture on sport?
• What are some of the intercultural aspects of
the sport?
As a large group, extend the discussion to look at cultural opinions debate on the following for the debrief

Questions you prepared for your debriefing session related to the topic:

• Do you think that politicians in your country use sport, or sporting events, to distract and divert people from political and economic issues?
• Is sex testing of athletes necessary to ensure fair competition, or is it too great an infringement of people's human dignity and right to privacy?
• Do you think professional sportsmen and women should have similar rights to those of other workers, such as the right to form trade unions and not be unfairly dismissed?
• China has a poor human rights record. Should they have been chosen to host the Olympic Games in 2008?
• Athletes at the international level have to agree on a code of conduct. Those who then breach the code, for instance, by using a sporting event to make a political statement, are penalised. Is this a denial of a person's right to free expression?

Inputs that you want to mention in the Abstract Conceptualism phase of the workshop:
This exercise will allow the participants to communicate about cultural, ethical and human rights from their perspectives. It will explore influences on people and how they have impacted their decision-making skills and experiences.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
90 minutes
Group Size & Age
10- 20 participants, 16- 30 years old
• Access to an area in order to carry out the activity – approx. 7m x 7m
• laptop, projector, screen/wall, Flipchart paper, Paper and Pens, Large Envelope, Chairs, PowerPoint
• Shrek onion clip
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