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Human Machine

1- Participants are divided into groups of 6-8 people.
2- Leader: "I want you to think of a machine. This machine can be an existing machine, or it can be a machine that you have not designed yet.
Every machine has parts and parts. For example; impellers, gears. These parts help to operate that machine.
In the machine you will design; Each member of the group will be part of your machine with their bodies and each will have a task, movement and voice. Every member of the group should participate in this machine.
You have 5 minutes. During this time, you will create a machine and then exhibit it to other groups. "The sound and movement of each piece can be emphasized again as it is an important point. (If working with groups that have difficulties in finding a machine, the leader can say a machine he wants to be made. Bicycle, camera, etc.)
3- When the time is up, each group displays its machine in turn.
The leader asks for the location of the machine's on / off button before the machine starts, and pretends that it is pushing this button.
The machine works. It can close at any time.
This activity attracts the attention of some groups. This activity can be continued as follows in the groups where the energy is high and the group dynamics are to be emphasized.
4- The leader asks the participants who make up the parts of the working machine to change each other's positions to perform each other's duties.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training, Online Training
20-30 Minutes
Group Size & Age
Minimum 10 Participants, For all age groups
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