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Horse Race

Participants form a standing circle close to each other.
A member of the trainer team is present to take photographs, preferably at an elevated position with a good view of all participants.
In this game, there are several moves that participants will do together.
The leader shows these movements to the participants in turn.
After each movement, the leader asks the participants to repeat the movement for a short time.
The leader who runs the game:
"Today we are participating in a race together. This will be a horse race and let's hear the footsteps of our walking horses." and starts to tap their knees with their hands.
"Of course, in a race, horses don't walk, they run." (they start hitting their knees quickly with their hands).
"Sometimes the path diverges to the right and then we need to tap the knee of our friend on the right" (participants start tapping the left knee of the participant on the right with both hands. If you are working with a group that will have difficulties in contacting each other, everyone can tap their right or left knee at this stage).
"Sometimes it diverges to the left and we go to our friend on the left" (participants start tapping the right knee of the participant on the left with both hands).
"We will encounter obstacles on the way, then we will have to overcome them by jumping" (everyone jumps)
"We have overcome the obstacles, but there is a puddle in front of us and we have to cross it." (everyone turns around once)
"While the race is going on, we will see a friend following us on the right or the left and we will have to greet him. We wave to whichever side our friend is on (everyone waves to the right by saying right, and waves to the left by saying left).
"At the end of this tough race, a photographer is waiting for us at the finish line. As soon as I say photo-finish, we all turn to them and take a fun pose." (pointing to the person who will take the photo)
When everyone is ready, the leader starts the game. The instructions can be mixed.
A sample game:
1-Let’s slowly bring our horses to the starting line. (Slowly start hitting the knees.)
2-And the start is given! Let's let our horses run! (Start tapping quickly and continue.)
3-The road splits left/right!
4-There is an obstacle in front of us. Jump!
5-Ahh! Now there is a puddle. Turn around!
6Keep running... Hey, there's a friend on your left, wave!
7-And finally, the finish line is in sight. The last seconds of the race. Go faster and faster and... Photo-finish!

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
5-7 minutes
Group Size & Age
Minimum 15 people of any age
No material is needed.
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