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Four Eyes See More than Two!

Before the implementation starts, it's suggested to inform participants to wear long sleeved or pant or socks not let the tape harm their skins.

In the beginning of the sessions, it's asked participants to find their pairs. It's expected to form their pairs with the other participants which they couldn't find enough space to talk before. Then each pair is connected to each other with the help of a tape. Facilitator/trainer ask pairs to make a line of the pairs. Then pair by pair, facilitator/trainer tape their legs. (not too tight but to not to be destroyed easily.)

Then, a start and a finish line are showed to pairs to practice to walk together. Slowly, they're expected to take action and walk. After they learn how to walk together, it's asked to pairs to make line side by side. This time, they're taped by their hands/arms. After then, baskets are located and balls are given to each pair. Then they practice to throw a basket. Firstly, they start to throw the basket with a small distance. Slowly, distances are raised and they practice to reach further together. After the basketball activity, the taped arms/hands are released and they just continue with the taped legs.

After that round, the facilitator/trainer asks pairs to find another pair and the groups of 4 people are created. They get connected with the help of tapes to their legs and they practice to walk together with 4 people. After they learn how to walk, they again get invited to create a line side by side and a small competition on who walks faster are made in the length of 5 minutes. The team makes more rounds in the limited time wins the competition.

In the last round, all groups are asked to make a line in the start line. They all get connected with the help of tapes and all participants create a big team. Then, they practice again how to walk together. The facilitator/trainer gives time to them to make a strategy and practice how to walk as a big team. Then they come back to start line. After that, the facilitator/trainer holds to time to measure when they reach to finish line. After this experience, it's asked to team if they try to one more time to improve their time. At the end, participants are released and a debriefing circle is created.

With the debriefing part, all stages are asked with the help of Experiential Learning Cycle. In the conceptualization part, Tuckman's 5 Stages of Group Dynamic Theory is given and apart from the game, how we see similar experiences in our real lives are asked to participants.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
1 hour (up to the size of the group, it can be increased)
Group Size & Age
Min. 10 to max. 40 People (age of 7 y.o to 45 y.o)
Preferably outdoor but can be implemented also indoor, Tape, Min. 4-5 Balls, Basket
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