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Step 1: Determine the number of sub-groups according to the size of the group.
Step 2: Materials are provided for the determined number of groups.
Step 3: The whole group is divided into subgroups of 8-10 people.
Step 4: Before the participants go to the sub-groups, the game and rules are explained. In the game, there are 2 neighbouring villages. A stream passes between these villages. The bridge connecting these villages was destroyed in a flood. A new bridge is needed but both villages have enough power to build only half of the bridge. The task of the participants is to divide their sub-groups into 2 sub-groups again and divide the materials and build 2 sides of a bridge that a toy car weighing 200 grams can pass. There are some rules while building these two sides.

->Rule 1: The 2 sides can only meet via messengers for a total of 3 minutes. In other words, they can either meet for 3 minutes and never meet again, or they can meet for a total of no more than 3 minutes.
->Rule 2: There is 1 messenger for each group and these messengers do not change.
->Rule 3: Only uhu can be exchanged 3 times. Other than that, no other materials are exchanged.

Step 5: The participants work on the given task for 30 minutes. The bridges are assembled and ready to be tested.
Step 6: Each group's bridge is tested with a 200 gram car. The owners of the bridges that pass the car without collapsing win the game.
Step 7: 20 minutes of debriefing. Participants are asked critical questions to reflect on how they work and how they feel.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
60 min
Group Size & Age
10 age plus
For Each Group:
1 Stero Tape
1 metre rope
1 Piece Uhu
20 pieces A4
3 Piece Chair
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