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PM2 – Agile Guide

PM2 - Agile Guide: This guide introduces PMC-Agile, the Agile extension of the PMC methodology.

"Agile" is a collective term used to refer to a set of practices (driven by a set of core values and principles), especially in software development, in which requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams. It promotes adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continuous improvement and encourages rapid and flexible responses to change. To enhance these aspects, additional models and processes like the Lean Startup model and Lean UX (user experience) process have become essential tools to help people, teams, and organizations succeed with Agile.

PM2 – Agile Guide 1 review

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1 review
  • Mustafa Erdoğan

    Şefik, what do you think how many days should be one irritation period for those teams working in Erasmus+ Projects?

    • Sefik Emre Coskun

      It is hard to say sharp dates or weeks for iterations for Erasmus + Projects. Normally in Agile Methodology, we use many methods like KANBAN or SCRUM. For social projects, we need to create some examples and then we can say sth about iteration periods. But in the world of IT projects, it should be between 2-4 weeks otherwise Agile turns Waterfall.

      But also we can use Hybrid methodology for Erasmus + projects. We can divide all SMART objectives as an outcome and think all outcomes are different little projects.

      Maybe we can create a case and we can do a simulation from a finished Erasmus + project.

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