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The New World


1-Tell the participants to imagine that they are about to sail to a new continent. There are no people living where they are going. So, when they get there, they will be pioneers who will build a new country.

2 - Divide the participants into small groups and give each group between 15-20 cards of Wants and Needs cards. Tell them that these are the things they will take with them to live in the new country. Ask each group to open the envelope, spread out all the cards and start looking at them.
Variation: Give the groups a few blank cards and let them write anything else they think is necessary or desired.

3-Now explain that the ship is about to set sail and start a narrative:

At first the journey was very pleasant. The sun was shining above and the sea was calm. But suddenly there was a big storm and the ship began to rock. In fact, it was about to sink! You have to discard three of your cards in one minute to keep the ship from sinking.

Ask each group to decide what they are willing to sacrifice. Remind them that they will never get back what they have discarded. Then collect the discarded cards and put them together in a pile.

4-Return to the narration:

At last the storm has passed. Everyone is relieved. But just then a weather report came in saying that a category 5 hurricane was approaching the ship. Three more cards must be thrown overboard within 5 minutes to escape the hurricane! But remember: Don't discard anything you will need to survive in your new country.

As before, collect these new discarded cards in a deck.

5- Back to the narration:

We dodged a bullet! Now I want you to protect a card that you have made special for yourself, so that no one is allowed to discard it.

6-Start the narration again:

But we're almost at the new continent, and everyone is so excited. The continent is already visible on the horizon. But just then a giant whale crashes into the ship and makes a breach in the ship. So it's necessary to lighten the ship even more! Three more cards will be discarded...

Collect these new cards in a deck.

7-Announce that you have finally reached the new continent and now it is time to build a new country. Have each group glue the remaining cards on a large piece of paper so that everyone can see what has been brought to the new Continent. Is what is left enough for you to live, grow and develop well?

8. Ask each group to post their list in a visible place and explain what they have brought to the new continent. After each description, ask the whole group, "Is there anything missing that is necessary for us to live, grow and develop well?"

Collective Inquiry and Evaluation

1.Get information about the activity by asking the following types of questions:
a. What did you like about this activity?
b. How did you decide what you could do without? What was absolutely necessary?
c. Were some decisions difficult to make? Which ones?
d. Did the group disagree about what to keep and what to discard? How did you resolve such disagreements?
e. Do all people have the same needs? Whose needs may be different?
f. How do you feel about your most recent decisions? Will you be able to survive in a new place? Will you be able to grow and develop well there?
g. How did your group decide what to throw away?
h. Were you surprised by the final outcome?
k. If you were to do this activity a second time, would the cards you would discard be different?

2.Emphasize that human rights are based on human needs: what every human being needs to live, to grow and develop and to lead a life of dignity. Pose the following types of questions:
a. Do you have what you need to live?
b. Have you received the things you need to grow and develop?
c. What things did you wish you had but didn't consider necessary?

3. a. How did you decide on the card you chose?
b. Did you prioritize individual or group needs?

4. Emphasize that everyone should have all human rights! Things like food, medical care, clean water and shelter are necessary for survival. But others are also necessary for people to live and develop well. Just surviving is not enough. Ask about the following:
a. Which cards represent things that we actually want, but are not essential to live?
b. Which cards represent things that are necessary for physical life?
c. Which cards represent things that are necessary for us to grow and develop well?
d. What would happen in this new country if .............. did not exist (choose several examples from the cards)?

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
60 Minutes
Group Size & Age
15 - 30 individuals & over 18 years of age
Envelopes, Human Rights and Needs Cards
Created by
The "sailing to the new world" workshop in the book "pusulacık" was developed by the participants in the dem trainer training and designed for adults.

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