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Social Life

Firstly, an activity to prepare the participants for the role-playing part:

The trainer asks the participants to form a half-circle and to come forward two at a time as the owners of the jobs and professions they describe with their bodies and to act out the conversation they have about meeting in the village square and how their jobs are going. The educator tells them that their jobs and professions are indispensable for them and that it is thanks to them that they are able to feed themselves and survive. Therefore, in the encounter, everyone will try to convince the other of the importance of their job.

The trainer distributes the papers on which the dramatic situations are written to the participants and asks them to come together and form groups with the professions written on the back of the papers. The trainer asks the groups to read the dramatic moment written on the papers and act it out by talking and discussing among themselves in a few minutes.

Dramatic situations written on the papers:
- The hunter, the clothes maker and the agricultural worker come to the tool maker at the same time and each of them wants a tool to be made for them first. Otherwise their work will be interrupted. The tool maker can only make one tool a day.
- The fish catcher does not plan to fish today because he feels bad. However, the miner and the blacksmith want the fisherman to go fishing today as the hunter has been coming back empty for a long time and it is not the harvest season for agricultural products and there is no wheat left.
- The shepherd asks the healer for help because the animals are dying one by one. In order to prevent this, the healer asks the plant collector to find the gumbach plant. However, since this plant grows in very desolate places, the plant collector is afraid of wild animal attacks and does not want to go there.
- The bread baker needs more milled wheat in order to provide bread for the whole village. The miller can only grind so much wheat in his small mill. To overcome this problem, they ask the shed builder to build a new and bigger mill. However, it will take too long for the shed builder to build a new mill.

Thus, the groups improvise according to the given situations.
Then the process continues with a small evaluation.
-What is seen in the animations watched,
-why there are different professions,
questions such as -what would happen if there was no profession. Participants share their ideas in the light of these questions.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
35 min
Group Size & Age
9 age plus
Dramatic situation cards
Created by
Esra Şahin

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