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Secret Questions

Each participant (including the trainer) writes down the questions they want to ask when they meet someone new to 1-2 Post-Its, then put them into a box. When everyone is done with this step, participants take a random Post-It from the box and start walking around randomly. The trainer may direct the speed of participants through directives, for example, with words defining temperature such as “Freeze!”. When the command of freezing comes, everyone forms groups of 2-3 people with the nearest ones and groups start asking each other the questions they took from the box. This goes on for a few rounds while changing the questions with new ones from the box, if wanted, until the group socializes.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
Depending on the group size, at least 15 minutes
Group Size & Age
10+ people, 12+ years old
Post-It/Color papers, pencil, box
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