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Press Conference

If the participants are going to learn from each other on a particular topic, the number of groups is considered according to that topic.
For example, if religions are chosen as the topic and there are people from 4 belief groups among the participants, the participants are considered as 4 groups.
Put as many flipchart papers on the floor or wall as the number of groups and write the title of the group on each paper.

Participants are given 15 minutes and told that the first phase will be a silent exercise. They are not allowed to talk. During the first time, the participants write down any questions they have about each group (within the limits of respect) on the relevant sheet of paper.

After everyone has written their questions, the papers are distributed to the groups and they are given 15-30 minutes to answer the questions. At the end of the time, they are told that they will share the answers to these questions with the other participants at a press conference.

The seating arrangement should be cinema-style, just like at a press conference.
A table and chairs are placed on the stage. Groups take turns to sit at the table and share their prepared answers with the participants. After each question or after all questions have been answered, participants are given the floor for additional questions.

You can use a microphone or you can use any object (a pen) as a microphone to make them feel that they are at a press conference. Participants who ask for the floor must first say which press organization they are from and can never speak without a microphone. It is important to equalize the time between the groups. You can also give additional time to groups that have more questions than others.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
Group Size & Age
Min. 10, max. 40 people & Everyone
Pen, flipchart paper, table and chairs
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