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Participants will take a rectangular piece of paper and a pen (You can divide a A4 paper into 3 pieces). Facilitator will give the direction to all participants:

“You have to imagine this paper with 4 block. On top left you will draw something you like, on top right you will draw something you do not like, on left bottom a memory that makes you happy and right bottom a memory makes you sad. You do not need to separate them with visible lines.”

After 10 minutes of thinking and drawing participants will take a piece of tape to make paper cylindrical. Then it will be like glasses. Participants will be asked to make 2 lines face to face and sit with the name of Line A and Line B. In the first round Line A participants will be fortune tellers and they will try to understand what is drawn and what they are represent in 3 minutes. In 3 minutes Line B will be asked not to speak or respond, after they will have time to correct it in 1 minutes. Second round roles will be changed.

It will be better if participants will be in role of fortuneteller and speak like them. Facilitator can change the partners as much as he/she wants.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
15-30 minutes
Group Size & Age
Minimum 10 Participants, For all age groups
Paper, pen, tape and chair for each participant
Created by
Ömer Faruk KOÇHAN

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