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  • Hadi

    July 17, 2023 at 8:46 am

    Upon watching the Experiential Learning Cycle Course’s knowledge clips, I realized that I have gone through this learning cycle numerous times throughout my career, whether in my master’s studies or my work. Some aspects of this cycle tended to be given more attention than others, besides approaching this cycle from different angles for each experience. For instance, when working on my master’s thesis, I began by researching the topic and planning the experiments (Abstract conceptualization & Concrete experience). I then carried out those experiments (Concrete experience), analyzed their results, and engaged in reflection (Reflective observation). After that, I connected with previous research and theories (Abstract conceptualization) and proposed recommendations and solutions (Active experimentation). It has become clear that what M.Volkan Müderrisoglu imparted to us during the ToT sessions in Poland this year holds: “Experiential learning is not only a learning method; it is learning by itself.”