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  • Matej Babić

    July 9, 2023 at 11:37 pm

    While taking the inventory I had some difficulties to choose an answear, mostly because I was thinking what do they mean and I tried to understand them better. For some it was to easy to choose. Before taking the inventory I tried to guess what role I will asimilate the most and to which one it will be least, I was correct. Does this mean that I know my strenghts and weaknesses?

    My inventory is:

    Facilitator 34%

    Evaluator 28%

    Coach 25%

    Expert 12%

    I wasn’t suprised with first and last, but what suprised me how balanced and close one to another are the two in the middle, maybe it is just mine irrelevant philosphical observation, or it also can tell me something?

    It is funny, when I tried to list them by importance in some scale of mine for professional development, I put my weakest role as most important and my strongest role as least important. Maybe because what is easy for me makes it less important and for what I strive makes it most important.

    All in all, it was really interesting journey, to which I will reflect a lot in future and gave me a lot food for thoughts when thinking about my personal development.